About Us

Growthwatch is a voluntary research and advocacy institution which has been established in 2017 with active participation of like-minded social and environmental activists of the coastal zone of India. Growthwatch works with smallholders, fisher folks, forest peoples, indigenous communities, and other producers to protect natural resources like forests, common water bodies, land, mineral resources and atmosphere from being grabbed by powerful groups including International Financial Institutions (IFIs), corporates and vested interest groups. We also work with students, academia, researchers, socio-political activists, media, Local Government and administration to create enabling environment for people and ecology. We serve the natural resource dependent people in the sectors of agriculture, climate crisis, environment & forest, socioeconomic justice and water governance.


To establish poverty free, environment friendly secular society with equity and justice. 


To ensure environment friendly sustainable development and smallholder producers' rights through social action research, campaign, advocacy and critical engagement with the respective stakeholders.


  • Developing alliances and networks at the state, national, regional and international level linking of micro to macro issues
  • Efforts to create a broad-based platform to link diverse group of non-state actors
  • Monitoring and campaigning on human right violations of human rights defenders
  • Campaign in different forms including Public hearing, demonstrations, rallies
  • Online campaign using websites and e-based communications
  • Information sharing, publications and civic education through workshop, training and orientation meetings

Working Area 

Growthwatch works directly in the coastal zone of South India, especially Dakshina Kannada, Mysuru, Shivamogga, Udupi and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka. We implement our programs in the other areas through our networking and ally organizations. 

Working Team 

  • Vidya Dinker: Chief Executive 
  • Shabeer Ahammed: Programme Coordinator 
  • Riya Tomy: Research Officer 
  • Takoyangba Lemtur: Research Fellow 
  • Amal Babu: Research Fellow 


  • INSAF (Indian Social Action Forum) 
  • Karavali Karnataka Janabhivriddhi (People’s Development Forum of Coastal Karnataka) 
  • NGO Forum on ADB, Manila, Philippines 

Approach of Work 

As a right-based organization Growthwatch organize campaigns through popular mobilization, protest gatherings and media mobilization along with lobby and advocacy with policymakers and respective institutions with participation of affected communities and other non-state actors. To ensure evidence based advocacy, Growthwatch conducts study and research, and develop video and written documents for its programmes. 


Growthwatch is governed by 7-members Trustee Board. The Trustees represent the society's most intellectual part from all over the country. The Trustee Board sits quarterly to assess the progress of programmes and endorse activities, financial dealings and future plans. Annual Meeting of the Trustee Board is the highest authority of Growthwatch to approve annual programmes, activities, financial reports and future plans.